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About Us

Natural. Traceable. Sustainable.

Aura Fuchsia was born out of the idea of bringing natural and traceable products to a life free from any artificial ingredients, leaving the world sustainable.
At Aura Fuchsia, we don’t sell if we can’t trace the product. We use specialized technology that not only traces the origin of the finished product but also traces the end to end journey of the product, including its source, ingredients, manufacturing processes, quality assurances, certifications from farm to you. 
We pledge to bring natural, traceable, and sustainable wellness products to the market with 100% transparency backed by our technology partnership with Originscale

Our Promise

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We thrive to use 100% natural ingredients free from any artificial fragrances. Aura Fuchsia oils are never mixed with any chemicals throughout the extraction process. We stand proud with our oils not being synthesized and free of any chemicals, natural isolates, or dilution. 



We guarantee a natural, traceable, and sustainable product with 100% transparency of various processes that the product has gone through from the farm to your home. Our mantra is “we don’t sell if we can’t trace” and our belief is rooted in empowering customers with the data they need to make the right choices for themselves. We use exclusive Originscale Technology to trace our oils straight from the farm to you, that you enjoy the purest aroma you deserve.




We take a holistic approach and believe that it is our duty to be sustainable, responsible, and accountable in everything we do. We are dedicated to seriously reduce our footprint across our supply chains and embrace smart strategies to help protect and restore nature for the future. Being a data-driven company at the core we strive each day to develop eco-friendly sourcing solutions, low-impact materials, manufacturing efficiencies, and circular innovations so that we create long-term value by taking into consideration how a given we operate in the ecological, social and economic environment rendering the world sustainable.

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